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DIVAN Due - orthopedic dog bed sleeping bag

DIVAN Due - orthopedic dog bed sleeping bag, Dog blanket, orthopaedic dog bed, dog bed cushions, dog pillows and beds

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Handmade in Germany by pet-interiors

DIVAN Due - orthopedic dog bed sleeping bag, Dog blanket, orthopaedic dog bed, dog bed cushions, dog pillows and beds

Dog cushion and dog blanket all in one - snuggle time for all!

Divan Due dog blanket is the perfect place to hide and to take a little nap. This comfortable orthopedic dog bed has a High quality latex filling. It was optimized for our dog bed cushions, according to specific orthopedic criteria, it is permanently elastic, stable, long-lasting and hardwearing. The high point elasticity of the latex to the individual shape of the animal optimally imaged and minimizes the pressure load on intervertebral discs and spine. The filling is absolutely of low noise when the animal moves, thus enabling a quiet and restorative sleep. The pillow cover made from warming brushed wool fleece is removable, machine-washable. Replacement covers and head pillows for our dog pillows and beds are available in many colors, even after years.

4 sizes
Cushion cover: fleece machine washable at low temp.
Cushion: orthopaedic 100% High quality latex filling machine washable at low temp.
Available within 3-5 business days

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Size XXS: cushion ca. 17.7" x 25.6", height ca. 5.9", weight 3.2 lbs
Size S: cushion ca. 25.6" x 31.5", height ca. 6.8", weight 6.6 lbs
Size L: cushion ca. 31.5" x 39.4", height ca. 7.5", weight 9.9 lbs
Size XXL: cushion ca. 39.4" x 47.3", height ca.7.9", weight 12.9 lbs

Special design and color combinations on request.

If you are uncertain about the material and color you should choose, please request us a sample.

Slight variations in the color of the material are possible.

Fleece colors

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handsome pug in dog cushion bed with sleeping bag cosy cuddling pug dog in green and cream colored fleece cushion

dog blanket, sleeping bag and dog pillow in one piece pug in green dog bed cushion out of fleece fabric