You love animals and are keen to stylish living?

Dog bed CUBE leather

CUBE Leather dog furniture

Exclusive dog bed CUBE in leather from pet-interiors

Traditional craftsmanship, excellent lying comfort combined with a timeless design, characterize this dog design furniture. The CUBE dog bed is the non plus ultra among all animal furniture. Due to the timeless, classic processing, it retains it stylish shape for a very long time and pleases dog and owner for a whole dog life at least. The dog sofa is available in three sizes, four colors, leather and faux leather.

Dog bed CUBE

CUBE Faux leather Modern dog furniture

Design dog bed CUBE in faux leather from pet-interiors

This dog bed convince with timeless shape, a stylish design and first-class upholstery. Hand-crafted with love, the CUBE dog sofa's components become a great, harmonious whole. The orthopedic lying surface is upholstered with a memory foam mat and, thanks to the higher edge, becomes an oasis of tranquility for your beloved pet.

Dog cushion LOUNGE Buffalo

LOUNGE Buffalo dog cushion made of leather

Design dog pillow LOUNGE Buffalo from pet-interiors

An indestructible and absolutely stylish dog cushion made of buffalo leather. The durable dog bed becomes a comfortable companion for a whole dog life. The high-end latex filling has a beneficial effect on the spine and joints of the animal and ensures after extended walks, for a relaxed sleep. The exclusive, sturdy dog bed made of durable buffalo leather comes in 7 sizes and three harmonious colors.

Dog bed BOWL Leather

BOWL Leather dog bed

Exclusive dog bed BOWL in leather from pet-interiors

A real design dog bed that convinces through its perfect workmanship! The BOWL dog basket is not only an exclusive dog basket but also a statement made out of leather! The perfect workmanship gives the dog basket the distinctive design language. With its stylish look, it appeals to anyone who appreciates longevity and sustainability.

Dog bed BOWL Faux Leather

BOWL Faux leather best dog bed

Design dog basket BOWL in faux leather from pet-interiors

The high-quality handcrafted dog basket becomes a true eyecatcher. The BOWL dog bed is a true design classic and sets effective accents in your home. The elaborate stitching gives the dog basket its unmistakable appearance. Through the loving processing of high-quality materials dog and owner will enjoy it for a very long time. Available in 5 sizes, 4 leather colors, 8 pillow colors.

Dog basket MILA

MILA leather dog basket

Exclusive dog basket MILA in leather from pet-interiors

The Mila dog basket in leather combines timeless design and high-quality workmanship. Obviously, the MILA dog bed integrates as a design and utility object into your home. The colored zipper gives the dog basket a sculptural character and set a welcome accent. Due to the high-quality workmanship of the exclusive materials, you and your 4-legged family member will enjoy the dog bed for a very long time. Available in 3 sizes, 4 leather colors, 8 fabric colors.

Design dog bed MILA in faux leather from pet-interiors.

MILA faux leather puppy bed

Design dog bed MILA in faux leather from pet-interiors

A comfortable oasis for the dog: MILA the dog bed handmade of artificial leather! The strikingly distinctive MILA dog bed blends perfect into any ambience and exudes subtle understatement. The colored zipper forms a perfect counterpoint to the two comfortable back cushions. Our model, the little French bulldog Immi, did not want to leave the dog basket anymore...

Dog cushion DIVAN

DIVAN Uno orthopedic dog bed

First class dog cushion DIVAN Uno from pet-interiors

The dog cushion DIVAN Uno is precisely adapted to the needs of the dog. You will not find a better place to sleep for your dog than our pillows. Filled with 100% latex the lying properties are sensationally good. Even after 10 years, the quality of the lying will not have changed. A dog pillow for a whole dog's life!

Dog pillow DIVAN Due

DIVAN Due our premium dog bed

High end dog cushion DIVAN Due from pet-interiors

DIVAN Due is a cozy sleeping place for dogs with integrated dog cover. Especially for dogs with short fur who are feeling cold or for those who love to cuddle, this original dog pillow is made. The blanket warms and provides a quiet retreat for sleeping.

Dog cushion DIVAN Quattro

DIVAN Quattro dog bed orthopedic

Design dog cushion DIVAN Quattro from pet-interiors

A dog cushion in excellent quality - inspired by Mondrian! We master the art of designing a ideal dog pillow perfectly. The great sleeping comfort, the special quality and the stylish design convince dog and owner.

Dog bed DIVAN Cinque

DIVAN Cinque dog cushion

Orthopediv dog cushion DIVAN Cinque from pet-interiors

Quality and comfort are the first priority in this healthy dog bed. The dream of all dogs and owners is now reality: A dog pillow of the extra class with excellent comfort and high end quality. The pillows are produced like all our dog beds in Lichtenfels.

Dog head pillow

HEAD PILLOW fits to all dog cushions.

First class dog pillow from pet-interiors

The ergonomic head pillow for our dog beds is the perfect accessory. Dogs love to lay down their head up on a pillow. That's why the dog pillow is not only a pretty accessory, but an essential tool for a restful sleep.

Dog bed LOUNGE Uni

LOUNGE Uni covered dog bed

High end dog pillow LOUNGE Uni from pet-interiors

A puristic, classic and healthy sleeping place for your dog! It convinces with 2 different fabrics (cotton and fleece) with 8 exciting colors and 7 different sizes. In addition, the cover can be changed, is machine washable and dryer suitable. With this unbelievable variety there should be to find a suitable dog cushion for every dog.

Dog bed LOUNGE Boy

LOUNGE Boy dog cushion with canvas cover

Stylish dog cushion LOUNGE Boy from pet-interiors

A dog cushion of the extra class: Function and design convince equally! Dressed so well makes the dog bed a great figure. The contrasting tucks give the cushion contour and the orthopedic latex filling keeps the dog's back in shape.

Dog pillow LOUNGE Rose

LOUNGE Rose dog pillow

Exclusive dog bed LOUNGE Rose from pet-interiors

In the truest sense of the word: the unique dog cushion embeds your dog on roses! Not only the high-end latex filling, but also the elaborately crafted rose blossom provide this wonderful lying comfort. The extraordinary dog pillow is also a magical upgrade for your four home.

Dog cushion LOUNGE Pauline

LOUNGE Pauline orthopaedic dog bed

Design dog bed LOUNGE Pauline from pet-interiors

Two in one: A dog pillow meets summer and winter the demands of a perfect dog bed. In summer, your four-legged friend lies wonderfully cool on the faux leather side, in winter he can cuddle up to the fleece blanket. It could not be better!

Dog bed LOUNGE Eddy

LOUNGE Eddy dog cushion in faux leather

Exclusive dog bed LOUNGE Eddy from pet-interiors

Robust and timeless: The dog cushion made of soft artificial leather is handmade! The contrasting seams give the dog bed a fresh look and contour. Our unique latex filling raises the sleeping experience of our dog beds to a new level.

Dog basket BOWL Nido

BOWL NIDO Felt day bed

Exclusive dog basket BOWL Nido from pet-interiors

The dog basket Nido is a cozy nest for your dog! With a contrasting colored cushion, the elaborate punching work of the dog basket is particularly good. The orthopedic high-end pillow in the dog bed ensures an indescribably good sleeping comfort.

Dog basket ARENA

ARENA Felt orthopedic dog beds

High end dog basket ARENA from pet-interiors

A puristic dog bed to relax! Pretty in Felt: Packed so nicely, the dog basket looks twice as good. The durable wool felt keeps the dog cushion in shape. The comfortable back roller makes it wonderful to cuddle in the curve and the four-legged friends can lay his head on it.

Dog bed BOWL Felt

BOWL Felt best dog beds

Design dog basket BOWL from pet-interiors

The tasteful dog basket convinces with puristic, timeless design. This dog bed convinces your darling and makes your home complete with its great look. The dog basket is available in six different felt and 8 different pillow colors. There should be the right dog basket for every dog lover.

Dog basket SIRO Twist

SIRO Twist dog beds S - XXL

Exclusive dog basket SIRO Twist from pet-interiors

The dog basket SIRO Twist is elaborately crafted from sailing rope and is an absolute design highlight! The latex filling, specially developed for our animal beds, stands for unbelievable comfort. The two extra back cushions provide a feeling of security, so your four-legged friend can relax after his exciting dog walks.

Dog bed SIRO Saleen

SIRO Saleen pet furniture

Exclusive dog bed SIRO Saleen from pet-interiors

Handmade with Love - a magical dog basket with an extraordinary design! This high quality dog bed outshines all others. The loving craftsmanship, the used materials and the two additional back cushions ensure a restful sleep. Your four-legged darling will happily sleep in it.

Dog basket NOOK

NOOK Felt stylish dog beds

Design dog bed NOOK from pet-interiors

The NOOK dog basket convinces by its clear lines and high quality workmanship. The stylish dog bed made of felt fits into your ambience like a fashionable accessory. Dog and owner are convinced of the quality of the materials, the loving workmanship and the practical benefits alike.

Dog bed CROWN

CROWN Felt modern dog bed

Stylish dog basket CROWN from pet-interiors

This magical dog basket is distinguished by its unusual design. The Crown dog bed prepares a magical stage for your four-legged darling. The star in your life is pleased about the orthopedic reclining features and the indescribable comfort.

Dog basket LIDO

LIDO Felt designer dog beds for small dogs

Exclusive dog bed LIDO from pet-interiors

Clean lines and puristic design are the characteristics of the Lido dog basket. But it also convince the excellent workmanship, the selected materials and the outstanding reclining properties. Thus, the new dog bed immediately becomes a favorite place.

Dog bed CREDO

CREDO Felt designer dog beds

Design dog bed CREDO from pet-interiors

A dog basket is distinguished by its restrained style and is a wonderful living accessory. In this extraordinary felt basket your darling will feel safe and at home. The excellent lying characteristics convince your dog and he will relax wonderfully.

Dog mattress PETER

PETER Faux leather memory foam dog beds

Exclusive dog mattress PETER from pet-interiors

The viscoelastic dog mat meets all the requirements of a healthy dog bed. She also provides a phenomenal lying experience. The memory foam mattress adapts perfectly to the dogs body shape, supporting the spine and joints for a restful sleep and rest phase in a outstanding way.

Dog mattress PAUL

PAUL Faux leather memory foam dog bed

Design dog mattress PAUL from pet-interiors

The viscoelastic dog mat meets all requirements summer and winter. The viscoelastic dog mat (memory foam) is a good investment in the health of the dog. The mattress absorbs the individual body shape of the dog and supports the spine almost pressure-free.

Dog mattress MARY

MARY memory foam pet bed

Memory foam dog mattress MARY from pet-interiors

This orthopedic dog mat made of high-quality memory foam is a real eye catcher. This heavenly dog bed captivates with its charming design and ensures through the memory foam mattress for the optimal regeneration of your dog. The spine and joints are ideally supported and your four-legged friend will feel like on cloud 7. Guaranteed!

Cat toy

CAT TOY out of felt

Cat toy out of felt from pet-interiors

The little mice made of felt are the favorite toys of cats. Whereby a real street cat takes it with a Labrador. Also, the dachshund has to be careful so that he does not get under the sofa and the little terrier, hopefully successfully defends himself.

Key chain

Keychain out of felt

Key chain out of felt from pet-interiors

Key chain out of felt in the shape of a dachshund, terrier, labrador, cat and a small mouse. The felted animals as pendants look good on every keychain. Even on a backpack, they come into their own. As a gift you make a dog lover and cat friend a great pleasure.

Ornament cover

Ornament cover for RONDO scratching post

Ornament cover out of felt from pet-interiors

The felt ornament cover for the scratching tree is an absolute must have for every Rondo owner! Your kitten has never lived more beautiful and noble. The jewelery cover beautifies the exquisite cat bed and is also a selected home accessory for your ambience.

Scratch cover

Scratch cover for RONDO scratching post

Cat scratcher out of felt from pet-interiors

The Rondo scratch cover is the optimal equipment for your cat scratching tree. Sharpening the claws is one of the basic needs of every cat. If you do not give her the necessary surfaces to scratch, she will look for suitable objects by herself. Even so many sofas have suffered from this treatment.

Cushion cover Rondo

Replacement cover for RONDO Stand & Wall

Cushion cover for cat scratcher RONDO from pet-interiors

The exchange cover for your Rondo scratching tree makes cleaning very easy. Set your Rondo in scene and order a replacement cover in another color. This brings a breath of fresh air into the cat bed and the Rondo cat tree shines in a fresh design.

Cushion cover Uovo

Replacement cover for UOVO cat house

Cushion cover for cat house UOVO from pet-interiors

A second pillowcase for changing for the cat cave UOVO. With a cushion cover in the summer (cotton) or winter (fleece) version, the cat cave becomes a loving home for your baby tiger. As every owner know, cats adore a freshly covered bed.

Cushion cover Arena Wicker

Replacement cover for ARENA wicker

Cushion cover for pet bed ARENA from pet-interiors

With a replacement cover the pet basket is almost like new. A second cushion cover provides the pet basket beautiful effects. Put on a second color or material variant and make the dog or cat bed to a real eye-catcher.

Replacement cover Arena Felt

Replacement cover for ARENA felt pet bed

Replacement cover for cat basket ARENA from pet-interiors

From old to new: A pillow cover for changing the cat basket. It is so convenient to keep the pet basket clean. With a second cotton or fleece cover, the pet bed is freshly made and your 4-legged darling feels well again.

Pillow case Bowl Felt

Replacement cover BOWL felt

Pillow case for cat bed BOWL from pet-interiors

Nine magical colors are available for the pillowcase of the dog basket. Freshly covered the cat basket can be seen again. And with a summer variant in cotton and a winter alternative in fleece, dog and cat can cuddle contentedly in the basket.

Cushion cover Bowl Nido

Replacement cover for BOWL Nido

Replacement cover for dog basket BOWL from pet-interiors

Every cat loves a freshly-made cat bed! With an extra cushion cover, cleaning the cat's basket is a breeze. The clean pet basket invites to cuddle and becomes a magical place to dream.

Cushion cover Crown

Replacement cover for CROWN pet bed

Cushion cover for pet bed CROWN from pet-interiors

Cushion cover for the pet bed, because also the dogs and cats loves his bed freshly covered. Choose between the cooling summer cotton and the cuddly fleece pillow case. Your 4-legged darling will love the variety and take a nap in the newly designed pet basket.

Pillowcase cover for Credo pet basket

Replacement cover for CREDO pet bed

Pillowcase cover for pet basket CREDO from pet-interiors

With a new pillowcase fresh wind blows through the pet bed! That's luxury. High craftsmanship paired with thought-out design and high quality materials. Since 2005 we love to design products for cats and dogs.

Cushion cover Lido

Replacement cover for LIDO pet bed

Cushion cover for pet basket LIDO from pet-interiors

There are eight colors and two materials available for the cushion cover of the LIDO pet bed. The cotton cools in the summer, the cuddly fleece warms in winter time. Bring variety into the pet basket and make it comfortable for your 4legged darling.

Replacement cover Nook

Replacement cover for NOOK pet furniture

Replacement cover for pet bed NOOK from pet-interiors

Perfect sleeping comfort with a new replacement cover for the pet bed! Add a fresh, colorful accent with a trendy pillow case for the cat bed. Your little kitten will be grateful, because cats love freshly made beds.

Replacement cover Harry

Replacement cover for HARRY pet basket

Cushion cover for cat bed HARRY from pet-interiors

Replacement cover for the dog bed that your dog sleeps again as on cloud seven.

Cushion cover Siro

Replacement cover for SIRO pet baskets

Replacement cover for dog basket SIRO from pet-interiors

A new pillow cover makes turns the cat basket into a wellness oasis!

Cushion cover Mila

Replacement cover for the MILA cat products.

Cushion cover for cat basket MILA from pet-interiors

There are different pillow cases for this exclusive dog basket available.

Cushion cover Bowl Leather

Replacement cover BOWL leather

Cushion cover for dog bed BOWL from pet-interiors

With these versatile pillow cases for the cat baskets you show courage to the color.

Head pillow cover

Replacement cover for head pillow

Replacement cover for head pillow from pet-interiors

The spare cover for the dog bed is available in four sizes, nine colors and three materials.

Cushion cover Divan Uno

Replacement cover DIVAN Uno

Cushion cover for dog cushion DIVAN Uno from pet-interiors

Joy in the dog bed: A replacement cover makes the dog pillow like new again!

Cushion cover Divan Due

Replacement cover DIVAN Due

Replacement cover for cat cushion DIVAN Due from pet-interiors

Many exciting color combinations provide fresh air in the cat's pillow.

Cushion cover Divan Quattro

Replacement cover DIVAN Quattro

Cushion cover for dog bed DIVAN Quattro from pet-interiors

The replacement cover for the dog cushion is inspired by Mondrian.

Cushion cover Divan Cinque

Replacement cover DIVAN Cinque

Cushion cover for cat bed DIVAN Cinque from pet-interiors

Quality and comfort are the first priority in this healthy dog bed.

Cushion cover Lounge Rose

Replacement cover LOUNGE Rose

Cushion cover for dog cushion DIVAN Rose from pet-interiors

With this pillowcase for the dog cushion you set a cheerful, extravagant statement.

Cushion cover Lounge Uni

Replacement cover LOUNGE Uni

Cushion cover for cat cushion LOUNGE Uni from pet-interiors

Dog and cat love a well-groomed animal pillow with a clean fresh cushion cover.

Pillow cover Lounge Boy

Replacement cover LOUNGE Boy

Pillow cover for dog bed LOUNGE Boy from pet-interiors

The pillow covers for this cat cushion are long lasting and very pleasant for your pet.

Dog blanket Pauline

Replacement blanket for LOUNGE Pauline

Blanket for dog bed PAULINE from pet-interiors

With this replacement blanket a new impetus is coming to the dog cushion.

Dog blanket Paul

Replacement blanket for memory foam dog bed PAUL

Blanket for dog cushion PAUL from pet-interiors

The replacement blanket is a great addition to the Paul dog bed.

Cushion cover Mary

Replacement cover Mary dog bed

Replacement cover for dog bed MARY from pet-interiors

Replacement cover in six different colours for the dog mat in cotton and microfibre.

In order to meet both claims in the same form, there are pet furniture from pet.interiors. Whether perfectly shaped cat baskets or quality, healthy dog beds - with design objects made by pet.interiors integrates the dog basket your dog perfectly with its surroundings. Animal well-being united with human design requirements, short cat beds that make the heart of man and animals later, you can easily order online here.In order to meet both claims in the same form, there are pet furniture from pet.interiors. Whether perfectly shaped cat baskets or quality, healthy dog beds - with design objects made by pet.interiors integrates the dog basket your dog perfectly with its surroundings. Animal well-being united with human design requirements, short cat beds that make the heart of man and animals later, you can easily order online here.