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LOUNGE Buffalo dog cushion made of leather

LOUNGE Buffalo dog cushion made of leather

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Buffalo Leather
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Handmade in Germany by pet-interiors

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Quality that convince: Lounge BUFFALO

A dog bed of the extra class! The soft and warm buffalo leather will beat your dogs heart faster. We cut out by hand every dog cushion so we can guarantee a perfect quality. After time, the robust aniline buffalo leather will get a great patina and the dog cushion will distinctive to a unique single piece. Like all of our dog beds, the inner life consists of our orthopedic latex filling, which sewn-in compartments prevent the filling from moving. The dog bed retains it shape for a lifetime and combines longevity, quality and healthy lying. You will own a dog bed that convince.

4 sizes 27.6"x 27.6",

27.6"x 35.4",

35.4"x 35.4",

35.4"x 43.3"
Cushion cover: leather
Cushion: orthopaedic 100% High quality latex filling machine washable at low temp.
5-year guarantee on the pillow filling
Available within 3-5 business days
Customized size on request

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Size: cushion approx. 27.6" x 27.6", height approx. 5.9", weight 5,5 kg
Size: cushion approx. 27.6" x 35.4", height approx. 5.9", weight 6,3 kg
Size: cushion approx. 35.4" x 35.4", height approx. 5.9" weight 8,0 kg
Size: cushion approx. 35.4" x 39.4", height approx. 6.3", weight 11,0 kg

Special design on request.


Leather colours:

If you are uncertain about the material and colour you should choose, please request us a sample. Slight variations in the colour of the material are possible.

The hard-wearing buffalo leather is warm and soft and gets a distinctive patina over the years.




Dog cushion with a head pillow in warm buffalo leather.Dog bed made of super-soft and indestructible buffalo leather.Dog bed with head cushion made of robust buffalo leather.The Lounge Buffalo is a first-class dog bed!Dog bed made of super soft buffalo leather.Dog pillow handcrafted with great attention to detail.Dog cushion Lounge Buffalo is dog supplies of the premium class.