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MOOD cat house

MOOD cat house

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Handmade in Germany by pet-interiors

cat house, cat cave, cat bed

Stylish and relaxed sleeping in the cat house MOOD.

The MOOD cat house is characterized by its elegant and puristic design. Great colors, a sound-absorbing felt and the comfortable latex filling of the pillow make the cat cave a perfect wellness oasis for noise-sensitive animals. Extensive purring guaranteed!

Sizes: height 18.5", width 17.3", depth 17.3",
Material cat house: 100% Woolfelt
Cushion cover fleece: cozy & warming in 6 colors, machine washable at low temp.
Cushion cover cotton: durable & cooling in 6 colors, machine washable at low temp.
Cushion: orthopaedic 100% High quality latex filling machine washable at low temp.
5-year guarantee on the pillow filling
Available within 3-5 business days

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Please request us a sample, if you are unsure with colour and material.

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