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PETER Day Bed - orthopaedic memory foam dog bed

PETER Day Bed - orthopaedic memory foam dog bed

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Handmade in Germany by pet-interiors

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A wholesome dog bed made out of faux leather and is ideal even for big dogs!

The wholesome dog bed is made out of faux leather and has side padding made out of 100% new wool felt . Thanks to its pressure reducing feature the memory foam dog bed lets your dog sleep in a relaxed and natural position and relieves joints and muscles. It softens with the body heat and adapts perfectly to the weight and shape of the dog. While laying down the spine will be kept straight, evenly supported, and in the proper anatomic form. The memory foam dog bed helps the blood flow and promotes a healthy, deep, and relaxed sleep. The matraces have been used already for years in patient care to avoid bedsores and also on operating tables since it promotes ideal blood flow.

2 Sizes: M, XL
Surface material: artificial leather, felt
Mattress: viscoelastic mattress

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Size M: 27.6" x 35.4" x 3.4", weight ca. 14.3 lbs
Size XL: 35.4" x 43.3" x 3.9", weight ca. 22 lbs

Special design on request.

Dog bed mattress visco memory foam

viscoelastic memory foam mattress for large dogs

orthopedic visco pet bed with waterproof cover from fauxleather

If you are uncertain about the material and colour you should choose, please request us a sample.

Faux-leather color map

Felt colors of pure natural sheep's wool

Slight variations in the colour of the material are possible.