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Reusable cotton face mask

Reusable cotton face mask

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Handmade in Germany by pet-interiors

Face mask, health face mask, reusable, washable

Face mask, washable for reuse.

Reusable face mask: sales proceeds will be donated to animal welfare!

Boredom makes creative: because we are currently somewhat underemployed, we came up with the idea of ??sewing a face mask. The sale serves to keep our employees busy so that we don't have to dismiss them. We don't want to earn anything on the face mask. We will donate what remains of the sale to animal welfare.

For care and cleaning:
The face mask should always be stored dry. Please undress the face mask very carefully after use. Do not touch the fabric surface. Wash your hands after undressing. Clean used face masks at least once a day.
100% cotton
95 ° machine washable or
Let it cook on the stove for 5 minutes
suitable for tumble drying
Please do not dry in the microwave, the mask has a metal nose clip.
Wash before wearing for the first time and wash after each use!

Testing and effectiveness:
This face mask is neither certified nor tested. The face mask is only

an alternative if there are no other face mask options available.
Use is your own responsibility!

Instructions for correct handling:
1. A face mask (FM) protects other people from droplets from the mouth, nose and throat area of ??the wearer when speaking, clearing the throat, sneezing or coughing. Protection against such droplets from other people is very low. Furthermore, a FM keeps the porters from grasping their faces unnoticed.
2. Wash hands thoroughly before using on the FM.
3. The FM should fit as closely as possible so that there is no leakage of the breath current.
4. The FM should cover the mouth and nose.
5. The FM should be worn permanently over the mouth, do not let it hanging down (especially not with the inside outwards)
6. Do not touch the inside of the face mask, when dressing it.
7. Do not transport the FM in jacket or handbag etc. after putting it down.
8. Do not place the FM on surfaces after undressing it.
9. A textile FM is a reusable solution, but it should be put directly into the laundry after it has been undressed and worn once - so it is better to own several pieces.
10. Wash hands thoroughly after removing the FM.
11. Never share the FM with other people.
Not even to see how it is or how it suits you !!!!

In the private sector, reusable products are a very good addition to washing hands and keeping distance.