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RONDO WALL felt, a designer cat tree

RONDO WALL felt, a designer cat tree

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Handmade in Germany by pet-interiors

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Play, sleep and frolic. Endless fun day in, day out!

The compelling choice thanks to its timeless design! With RONDO WALL you can replace the classical cat scratch posts and arrange your climb and living interior with one, two or even three Rondo cat home - just according to your preferences and possibilities. Thanks to an additional 'scratch-wrapping', you'll give your cat the possibility to whet and to sharpen his claws without affecting Rondo's surface. The pillow cover made from warming brushed wool fleece is removable, machine-washable at 30°. Replacement covers for our designer cat trees are available in many colours at our pet shops still after years.

Material cave: stainless steel, upholstered with felt
Cushion cover fleece: cozy & warming in 6 colors, machine washable at low temp.
Cushion cover cotton: durable & cooling in 6 colors, machine washable at low temp.
Cushion: high-end upholstery foam material
Available within 1-3 business days

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length ca. 18.9", width ca. 18.1", height basket 13".

Its total weight is about 13.2 lbs.

cat cave from wool-felt

Special design on request.

If you are uncertain about the material and colour you should choose, please request us a sample.

Felt colors
Felt colors

Fleece colors
Fleece colours cat house cat home cat cave, scratching post, scratch post

Cotton colors
Cotton colours cat house cat home cat cave, scratching post, scratch post

Velour colors
Velours colours cat house cat home cat cave
Slight variations in the colour of the material are possible.

Rondo cat climbing parcours Cat Condo Rondo Wall

Please load an advice here to learn how to mount your Rondo to the Wall: RondoWall-Mounting.pdf

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Cushion, Scratch cover, Ornament cover

Rondo Wall Size
Mounting advices:
The Rondo Wall model offers the opportunity of building a climbing parcours by the combination of several units.

Here we show some possible opportunities of positioning.
2 units
3 units

Advice 1

Mounting advice 1

Advice 2

Mounting advice 2

Advice 3

Mounting advice 3

Advice 4

Mounting advice 4